Brand Video


In effort to educate team members on the importance of their role in delivering an exceptional brand experience, I led the effort to “connect the dots” between business performance and brand. This engaging delivery of what might typically be found in a written brand guide, was the ideal format for effectively this message to help create brand unity.

To date, I can find no credit union who has effectively bottled up their message and produced such a complex message down into clear, succinct delivery. This is an accomplishment I am immensely proud of.


Verve, a Credit Union




Brand Unity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Motion Design


CUNA Diamond Awards – Best in Category

The Challenge

A large population of any organization will, understandably, not realize what branding is and how their role directly impacts the customer and brand experience. On top of that, how brand, business, and culture work together strategically. The question[s] that needed to be answered was how do we educate on the basics of branding, present strategy in an engaging manner, visually represent material that typically is illustrated in a brand guide, and do so in a way that is on-brand in and of itself while holding the interest of an audience and leaving a memorable impression so that the strategy in the presentation could be turned into actionable change? Yup. A. Massive. Undertaking.


A one-of-a-kind, award-winning, video that is Verve’s most effective on-boarding tool.